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Showring 14

Diamond, Dortmund 2014. Foto Wienroth

Rosegarden Zero Risk became “Deutscher Bundesjugendsieger” on October 17th, 2014

We are very happy!

Show results of

Rosegarden Zeal for Souls

Magdeburg, June 8th: EX1 and Best Youngster (judge Mr. T. McGowan),
Bremen, August 2nd: EXI and Best Youngster (judge Mr. John Ritchie)
German Winner Leipzig, August 23rd: EX1 and Best Youngster as well as German Junior Winner 2014 (jugde Mrs. Ildiko Muzslai).

German Youth Champion Rosegarden Amigo Mojito
is now confirmed German Champion Club
1. award: August 24th, 2013. Judge Mrs. A. Lubaszka
2. award October 16th, 2013. Judge Mr. H. Steinmetz
3. award November 3rd, 2013. Judge Mrs. Bilsheim.
He got the 4th and 5th award winning the title German Winner 2014,
and on August 24th he became Winner Leipzig.

We are so proud.

On July 6th, 2014 Rosegarden Zero Risk and Rosegarden Yamaica Fever was shown  in Loxstedt.
"Diamond" won EX1 in Youth Class and "Flamy"EX1 and BOS.

Great success and happy owners June 22th, 2014 on the Club Show in Peine:

The rough collie dog German Youth Champion Rosegarden Zero Risk won EX4 in Youth Class and German Youth Champion Rosegarden Yamaica Feve rwon EX1 and became “ Clubsiegerin”


The border collie dog Rosegarden Always my Sunnyboy won EX3 in Open Class and his litter sister Rosegarden Absinth Sunset EX2, also in Open Class.

Absinth Sunset2014-06-22

Erfurt, June 15th, 2014: Rosegarden Zero Risk  von EX1 and Best Youngster,
Rosegarden Yamaica Fever won EX1, CACIB and became BOB..

Erfurt, June 14th, 2014: Rosegarden Zero Risk won EX1 and
thus fulfilled the conditions for the German Youth Champion.
Rosegarden Yamaica Fever won EX2.

Well done Heike and Reinhard..


In Magdeburg Rosegarden Always my Sunnyboy
won EX2 in Open Class
Sunnyboy, Magdeburg 2014, Foto K. Lampe
Congratulations dear Carola and Klaus

On her first show our Rosegarden Zeal for Souls won EX1 in Youth Class..
Soul, Magdeburg 2014, Foto N. Wienroth

Soul, Magdeburg 2014, Foto N. Wienroth
We are very proud

Berlin, March 29th/30th, 2014: On both days Rosegarden Zero Risk won EX2 and on Sunday
Rosegarden Yamaica Fever won EX1 and CACIB.


Zielona Gora (PL), March 2nd, 2014  Rosegarden Yamaica Fever won EX1, CACIB and BOB
 as well as FCI Group I.
Rosegarden Yamaica Fever (Flamy), Zielona Gora 02.03.14. Foto Jasinscy

February 22nd, ”Flamy” won EX1, CACIB and BOB.

We are very proud and congratulate the Tott family by heart.


Nürnberg January 12th, 2014 Rosegarden Yamaica Fever won EX1, CACIB and BOB.

Congratulations to the Tott family
Rosegarden Yamaica Fever erreichte am 12.01. 14 auf der CACIB Nürnberg V1 CACIB & BOB