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Pedigree Flame

Fairy Lodge He Will Be Loved

Multi Ch. Influence of the Night Raider’s Home

Ch. Amalie
Best Bitter

Ch. Lynway
Seldom Sober

Blossoms Black
at Amalie

Ch. Gipsy Girl of the Blackstone Valley

Yorvik Pure Chance
at Meranne

Matai Satin Rose

Fairy Lodge
Prima Donna

Baden Court Undercover

Ch. Amalie Best Bitter

Baden Court
Still Smiling

vom Marnitreeg

Ch. Silvermoore’s Highland Chief

Ubridge von Dikalie

Quickstep to Heaven

Old Golden Gates
Arresting Mind

Ch. Westoak

Lanteague Harvest Moon at Silvermoor

Brilyn Black Pearl
at Westoak

Annie’s Song

Brilyn Solid Gold
at Aaronwell

Emryks Sheer Elegance at Wassail

Ch. Rosegarden
Heaven Sent

Timeless Twilight’s
Fame or Fortune

Jonny vom Dünnwalder Busch

Lansingh’s Que Sera

Ch. Rosegarden’s
Xotic Cocaine

Brilyn Goldfinger
of Lynnswed

Ch. Rosegarden’s Jaunty Jean