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News and Updates


October, 1st we presented Button at the CACIB in Rostock: EX1, CAC, VDH-ChA, CACIB and BOB.
Top of this, she got 2nd place in FCI Group 1

2022-10-01 button rostock_4378 2022-10-01 button rostock_4386


We are happy that our puppies have all moved into their new homes
and wish the new owners a lot of joy with their new family members.

image0 2022-08-22 image1 2022-08-22

image4 2022-08-22 image5 2022-08-22

IMG_4138 2022-08-22


Now they are 8 weeks old and some moved to their new families.

2022-08-11 rüde 1 2022-08-11 rüde 2

Lux. Ch.
Nothing Compares to Wendevick of Vipers Pride

Wendevick Jason

Ch. Bayshore Avatar Tobiano

Wendevick Gossip

Ch. Imani of Vipers Pride

Jessomine Showi Ozskite

Ch. Fidgy of Wendevick Home

Dt. JCh.
Rosegarden Coconut Daiquiri

Ch.  Rosegarden Amigo Mojito

Ch. Bayshore Avatar Tobiano

Ch. Rosegarden What’s Up Sunshine

Ch. Wendevick Quiet dream at Rosegarden

Wendevick Jason

Wendevick Janefonda


Our puppies are now 6 weeks old and we have practiced standing on the table,
after that it was time to go to the playground.

2022-07-24 boy1  2022-07-24 boy2

2022-07-24 boy3  2022-07-24 boy4

2022-07-24 girl1  2022-07-24 girl1

2022-07-24 girl3

2022-07-24 003  2022-07-24 004

2022-07-24 001  2022-07-24 002


Time is passing fast, our babies are now aldread 5 weeks old and developing gorgeously.

We are very happy about the 7 babies and Quiri is doing a great job. She is so loving with her children.

  IMG-20220720-WA0002  IMG-20220720-WA0003

IMG-20220720-WA0004  IMG-20220720-WA0006

IMG-20220720-WA0000  IMG-20220720-WA0001



Today 4 weeks old. First the 4 boys,

 20220710 Quiri Welpen 02   20220710 Quiri Welpen 01

20220710 Quiri Welpen 03   20220710 Quiri Welpen 04

then the 3 girls

20220710 Quiri Welpen 07   20220710 Quiri Welpen 05

20220710 Quiri Welpen 06

All girls are reserved, but you can still get a chance of a boy.
You can contact us via phone (-49 (0) 5171 / 25551), E-M@il or PM.


Wir have Border Collie puppies
born 12. Juni 2022, out of



Multi-Ch.  Crufts Winner 2017
Nothing Compares to Wendevick
of Vipers Pride

Sire Wendevick Jason
Dam Ch. Imani of Vipers Pride

HD-A, CEA/Cl/IGS/TNS clear
Glaucoma clear for predisposition

Dt. JCh.
Rosegarden Coconut Daiquiri

Sire Ch. Rosegarden Amigo Mojito
Dam Ch. Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden

HD A, ED 0, OCD clear, MDR1+/+
IGS/TNS/NCl/GG/SN clear,
eyes clear for predispoition



puppies, 12.06.2022   puppies, 12.06.2022

puppies, 12.06.2022   puppies, 12.06.2022



12.06.2022 Garbsen

...and we are so lucky: the weather was fantastic again and we were able to continue the success story.
Daredevils's Q as a Button got a V1 and BOB.

Totally in love with our "Quarkbällchen" we are happy with Danny Reinkehr _happy.

Garbsen 2022-06-12 Quarkbällchen


05.06.2022: Dog Show in Magdeburg

It was great, without a mask, super well organized show, pure sunshine, many friendly exhibitors and....

our German Junior Champion Daredevil's Q as a Button from Staken won the open class,
BOB and Best in Show.

Magdeburg Button 2022-06-05 (2)   Magdeburg Button 2022-06-05 (3)

Magdeburg Button 2022-06-05

Thank you very much for the great report and the high opinion of the judges about the quality of our bitch.
It was an unforgettable day.

Thank you Danny for this dream.


21.05.2022: We rocked the show in Penig!

Offspring of Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden x Rosegarden Amigo Mojito
Open Class Dogs:
Rosegarden Caribbean Blue EX2
Rosegarden Cranberry Mojito EX1
Judge: Stotuth, Evelyn

Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden

Unsere Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden,
Offene Klasse (10) V1, BOB

Daredevil's Q as a Button  Daredevil's Q as a Button
Our Daredevil's Q as a Button,
Open Class Bitches (2): EX1, BOB
Judge: Ritter, Claude

Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden
BIS: Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden
Judge: Langer, Ursula

Wir freuen uns!!!


30.04.2022: Show in Dallmin!

Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden  Dallmin2022 Anreise

It was already a nice journey with a break at the Elbe and then on to Dallmin.
Nice weather and a well organized show with many familiar faces - at least.

Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden
We presented our Border Collie bitch Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden in Open Class and she won Ex1.
We were over the moon when she also became BOB.

Daredevil's Q as a Button
Our Welsh Corgi Pembroke bitch Daredevil's Q as a Button won Ex1 in Open Class, ok she was the only one in this class.

Many thanks to the judges for the friendly jugdement of our dogs and also the hospitality of the LG. We would like to come back.



Advent meeting





All puppies found a new loving home.


Our puppies are on July 14th already 2 weeks old and we are totally happy.
Button is a great mother and she is happy to to care about her babies.

The new  owners are very eagerly awaiting their first met with the babies.

2021-07-14 001   2021-07-14 002

2021-07-14 003   2021-07-14-004

2021-07-16 005   2021-07-14-006

2021-07-14 007   2021-07-14 008


We are overjoyed !!

On June 30th, 2021 we got our first Welsh Corgi Pembroke litter.

Our German Youth Champion Club Daredevil’s Q as a Button has given life to 4 beautiful tricolour male puppies after the male Ch. Daredevil’s Hunting for Compliments from Staken

We are totally happy, the birth was without any  problems and “Button” is a great mother.

Many thanks to Danny Reinkehr.


Impressions of our last Border Collie litter

(all puppies found a loving home!)

IMG_2128   IMG_2125

IMG_2118   IMG_2111

IMG_2110   IMG_2109

IMG_2108   IMG_2106


IMG_1971   IMG_1968



Our dogs had fun in the snow
Border Collie Ch. Rosegarden Amigo Mojito on the move with
Welsh Corgi Pembroke Daredevil’s Q as a Button from Staken.

Button, 12.02.2021

Mojito, 06.03.2021

Button & Mojito, 09.02.2021