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News and Updates


Our puppies are on July 14th already 2 weeks old and we are totally happy.
Button is a great mother and she is happy to to care about her babies.

The new  owners are very eagerly awaiting their first met with the babies.

2021-07-14 001   2021-07-14 002

2021-07-14 003   2021-07-14-004

2021-07-16 005   2021-07-14-006

2021-07-14 007   2021-07-14 008


We are overjoyed !!

On June 30th, 2021 we got our first Welsh Corgi Pembroke litter.

Our German Youth Champion Club Daredevil’s Q as a Button has given life to 4 beautiful tricolour male puppies after the male Ch. Daredevil’s Hunting for Compliments from Staken

We are totally happy, the birth was without any  problems and “Button” is a great mother.

Many thanks to Danny Reinkehr.


Impressions of our last Border Collie litter

(all puppies found a loving home!)

IMG_2128   IMG_2125

IMG_2118   IMG_2111

IMG_2110   IMG_2109

IMG_2108   IMG_2106


IMG_1971   IMG_1968



Our dogs had fun in the snow
Border Collie Ch. Rosegarden Amigo Mojito on the move with
Welsh Corgi Pembroke Daredevil’s Q as a Button from Staken.

Button, 12.02.2021

Mojito, 06.03.2021

Button & Mojito, 09.02.2021