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Y-Wurf (Collie) 2012

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Here we are! We, that’s 3 male and 3 female puppies. Born June 8th, 2012 between 2 pm and 5.22 pm.

Our weights are between 200 and 300 gr. Top fit we got over the birth stress quickly and crawled straight to the "milk bar".

Our mum is doing very well and she is very proud of us. Peter, Deryn and Birgit, too - of course.


May 11th, 2012 we went to the vet for an ultrasonic. 6 puppies where seen and so we hope to have puppies around the 9th of June. This will be the first collie litter since 3 years and we are very excited.

Heaven can Wait vom Haus Rosenpracht, Foto Scheuer Rosegarden Xplosive Flame, Foto Scheuer

April 7th, 2012 Ch. Rosegarden Xplosive Flame (pedigreel) was mated with J-Ch. Heaven can Wait vom Haus Rosenpracht (pedigree). So we hope to have puppies after a long time.

Heaven can Wait vom Haus Rosenpracht, Foto Scheuer   Rosegarden Xplosive Flame, Foto Scheuer


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