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A-Wurf (Collie) 2015

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3. Welpe Boy 2

4. Welpe Boy 3

Our collie babies after moving into a larger area. Lots of room for playing and cuddling.
Impressing again how fast the development progresses.

1. Welpe Boy 1

3. Welpe Boy 2 Kopf

On May 5th, the litter was controlled and therefore the name finding a must. Oh dear, that wasn’t easy at all but in the end we decided on the continents.

African Sunset  dog
American Idol    dog
Asian Fashion   dog

Australian Summer   bitch

Already 2 weeks of age and still no names for our sweethearts. But we took some new pictures.

Boy #1   Boy #2

Boy #3   Girl

April 29th, 2015 Flame gave birth to 3 dogs and 1 bitch.

Eltern unseres A-Wurfes

Flame is a proud Mum, the puppies healthy and satisfied.
We are - as it should - tired and very happy.
Here are the first pictures

Rüde   HündinRüde   Rüde

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