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A-Wurf (Border) 2012

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June, 6th, 2012: News from our Border-”children”

Ok, our puppies are now 8 weeks of age and we didn’t took new pictures of a long time, because  we have a litter of Rough Collies, too and all of them need our full attention.

ur border pups are gorgeous. Around the 8th week there is a lot to do: vaccination on June 18th, examination of the eyes a day later and on June 20th control by the club. The puppies did very well and the results of the eye examintion were good, too.

Rosegarden Always my SunnyboyRosegarden Always my Sunnyboy

After 4 months without a dog, Carola Lampe, who with her family always had rough collies, would love to have a border collie. They were very often here to watch the development of the "children". They supported us a lot and we are very grateful - Little Sunny (Rosegarden Always My Sunnyboy) as well thus he knew his people already. Since today he has been rehearsing the revolt in the house of Lampe. Thanks Carola and Klaus for spending so much times with us and the puppies in so many shops and different places. All the luck of the world with Sunny!

Rosegarden African Summer
Little "Rosi" (Rosegarden African Summer) will move to the Kammacher familiy on friday. They had a border mix before but Lotta passed away at the age of 15 years. Especially the kids are not used living without a dog and therefore they all are very excited.

Rosegarden Amigo MojitoRosegarden Amigo MojitoRosegarden Amigo Mojito
Well and after 8 weeks thinking about little Rosegarden Amigo Mojito will move to Deryn. Deryn would like to show him and of course doing Agility, like she does with Sunshine. It was a hard decision because she would like to keep both, because Rosegarden Absinth Sunset is doing very well.

Rosegarden Absinth SunsetRosegarden Absinth SunsetRosegarden Absinth Sunset
 I would like to mention, that this 8 weeks was a lucky time for us, that we enjoyed every day - even the trips were pure fun. No negative comments, all people loved our puppies and it was ok for them, that Deryn pushed the bags with the food out of the shelves so that the babies got used to the noises. Just perfect.


 26.05.2012:  Another sunny weekend, where nobody had to work.

Friday: Manicure and pedicure for the little ones,

Saturday: Descovery trip on the terrace - enjoying the fresh air, getting to know the cats, feeling the gras under the paws and a lot of new impressions. Food tastes better outside as well.

While a marching band passed our home, we fell asleep.

Sunday we relaxed, because now we are already pros in the outside. We spent the day eating, playing, sleeping...

...Handytasche stibiitzt...
..we bit into feet and legs, destroyed shoes, annoyed our mother and stole Deryns handy case and learned biting into feet and legs causes screams and incomprehension by the bitten. Destroying shoes isn’t easy and takes too much time. That is why it is boring and we have postponed it to a later date.

Hündin #1Mit Mama spielen ist toll.Mama passt immer auf uns auf.

Annoying our mother is fun, she got stamina. But also has a stamina. Nothing is too much for her and she plays a lot with us, takes care of us and brings us all together again when we are too far away. In addition, she warned us that steeling the handy case might be no good idea. However, Deryn could not have left it on the lawn just because she wanted to take photos. But don’t worry, the case is still alive and so are we.

A day open air is great, a night in the warm house unbeatable.

Then came monday and we where weighed again. Now we weigh between  2800g and 3100g and everybody is satisfied with that. We were not satisfied getting another disgusting worm cure - already the third and certainly not the last. However we were told that when growing up it will become less. So we licked it up quickly - can’t take so long growing up.


Pictures, taken 19.05.2012

Welpen Sunny x Tobi, Foto Carola Lampe 19.05.2012Welpen Sunny x Tobi, Foto Carola Lampe 19.05.2012Welpen Sunny x Tobi, Foto Carola Lampe 19.05.2012Welpen Sunny x Tobi, Foto Carola Lampe 19.05.2012Welpen Sunny x Tobi, Foto Carola Lampe 19.05.2012

Pictures, taken 14./15. Mai 14th/15th, 2012

Since saturday (May 12th), our puppies are fed with beef tartar and they learned immediately how delicious meat is. The whelping box now is surrounded with a play ground, so that the puppies can discover the world.

Rüden-15-05-12_1000393s Rüden-15-05-12_1000398s
And after a meal with beef tartar we agree to a photoshooting together.

The girls are fed up too and ready for a posing together.

Male #1
Rüde #1Rüde #1Rüde #1Rüde #1Rüde #1

Male #2
Rüde #2Rüde #2Rüde #2

Female #1
Hündin #1Hündin #1Hündin #1Hündin #1

Female #2
Hündin #2Hündin #2Hündin #2

Pictures, taken Mai 6th/7th, 2012

Sunshine's babies are know 12 days of age.
Puppies - May, 7th

Sunshine is still a wonderful mum.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow the puppies get their first worm cure.

The eyes start to open and there is some more action in the whelping box.

Male #1, 1030 gr
Rüde #1, 1030grRüde #1, 1030grRüde #1, 1030gr

Male #2, 1170 gr
Rüde #2, 1170grRüde #2, 1170grRüde #2, 1170gr
Babyboy mumber 2 is pure fun. He weighs 1170 g, has his eyes open since May 5th and he can stand - on 4 legs, yet a bit wobbly but he stands.  hat seit dem 05.05. die Augen voll auf und kann schon stehen - also so richtig auf 4 Beinen, noch ein bisschen wackelig aber immerhin. He is preceded by the development of siblings.

Female #1, 1020 gr
Hündin #1, 1020 grHündin #1, 1020 grHündin #1, 1020 grHündin #1, 1020 gr

Female #2 (07.05.:  1248; 06.05.: 1190 gr)

Pictures, taken April 29th, 2012

Male #1, 710 gr
Rüde #1 (710 gr)Rüde #1 (710 gr)

Male #2, 790 gr
Rüde #2 (790 gr)Rüde #2 (790 gr)

Female #1, 710 gr
Hündin #2 (710 gr)Huendin #1 (710 gr)

Female #2, 760 gr
Hündin #2 (710 gr)Huendin #2 (760gr)


Pictures taken April 24th/26th 2012

Male #1 (510 gr, birth weight 410 gr):

Unfortunately the pictures of the birth day were blurred, this was taken April 26th.

Rüde #1 (510 gr)

Male #2 (456 gr):
Rüde #2 (456 gr)Rüde #2 (456 gr)

Female #1 (422 gr):
Hündin #1 (422 gr)Hündin #1 (422 gr)


Female #2 (430 gr):
Hündin #2 (430 gr)Hündin #2 (430 gr)

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