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On August 4th, 2020 our puppies of Dream and Mojito were born.

Welpen Mojito x Dream

2 boys and 3 girls.


We are very happy. All are doing very well and Dream is a loving and caring mother.






We hope to have puppies from Rosegarden Amigo Mojito and Wendewick Quet Dream at Rosegarden around August 15th, 2020


Our small kennel (VDH) is located in Peine. In addition to our Border Collie bitch Dream and the father of the puppies Mojito, we also have a Rough Collie bitch at the age of 11 years and a Welsh Corgi Pembroke bitch at the age of 11 months, who live as part of the family in the house and garden.

The puppies are born in our living room. In the first two weeks, we are always there is a  need to intervene. Little by little, the puppies explore other rooms and the garden and terrace in addition to their litter box. After about 4 weeks the new owners are allowed to visit their puppies.

By the time they are handed over, the puppies get to know a wide variety of surfaces and noises, travel by car, the hardware store and other green spaces.

All of our dogs are healthy, genetically tested and free from hereditary diseases. We have been breeding for over 40 years and not only have family members, but also serve those who are interested in sports and who are interested in puppies. In addition, we are successful at exhibitions:

Mojito: German Youthchampion Club, German Junior Winner 2013, German Champion Club, German Winner 2014, Winner Leipzig 2014, International Champion, Danish Champion

Mojito Mojito

Dream: World Youth Winner 2018, German Youth Champion, European Youth Winner 2018 (VDH)

Dream Dream

We were so impressed by the character and look that the litter in 2020 is a repeated mating


Our youngster

Corgi IMG_2375
Welch Corgi Pembroke Daredevil‘s Q as a Button from Staken. Breeder: Danny Reinkehr


Our puppies are now 9 weeks old and caused a lot of work - but always joy. They developed great and have a super character. Our trips to to “Schwanenteich” and several hardware stores they did well.

Rosegarden Come fly with me

is a wonderful male who is very focused on humans, intrepid and interested in everything. He loves beards - he likes to chew on them.

Come fly with  me Baby   Come fly with me Boy 5

Come fly with me   Come fly with me Rüde 5 (3)


Rosegarden California Dream

is a sweetie. She is intrepid and interested in everything, she is active and open-minded.

California Dream   California Dream

California Dream girl 2 22 days (5) best


Now we are already 5 weeks old and discover the world.

1 girl and 1 boy are still looking for a loving home.

And now some unusual pictures of us...



Our 7 sweeties are now already 4 weeks old.

We just enjoy the development of the little ones.
Dream is a wonderful mom who feeds, cleans and plays with her children around the clock.

Our new TV channel is "whelping box" and ARD and SAT1 cannot compete with itt.

Here are some pictures from the "Channel Welping Box”

PSX_20190821_214040 PSX_20190821_230105

PSX_20190822_135402 PSX_20190822_135154



Now our puppies are already 3 weeks old. OMG they are so beautiful and bring so much joy.
TV gets a different meaning, because we cannot turn our eyes apart from the whelping box.

Here are some pictures

 boy 1 22 days

boy 2 22 days boy 2 22 days

 boy 3 22 days

boy 4 22 days boy 5 22 days

girl 1 22 days girl 1 22 days

girl 2 22 days



On 23.07.2019 Dt.J.Ch. Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden gave birth to 7 healthy puppies. There are 4 males black-white, 1 male blue-white and two females, 1 female black-white and a female blue-white. Proud father of the puppies is Ch. Rosegarden Amigo Moijto.

2019-07-27_171524 2019-07-27_172756

2019-07-28_125825 2019-07-25_063222

We are happy about the puppies, a uncomplicated birth and a loving mother.



Puppies expected end of July

Int. Ch. Rosegarden Amigo Mojito
Youth Ch. Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden

Mojito und Dream


World Youth Winner 2018
Grerman Youth Champion, European Youth Winner 2018 (VDH)
Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden
has achieved EX1 in the intermediate class at the club winner show in Verl / Kaunitz.
We are so happy that she was able to master her debut with the "adults" so well.
Dream and Deryn did such a good job again.



Our German Youth Champion
Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden
became Word Youth Winner 2018



Ch. Rosegarden Amigo Mojito has been awarded the title International Champion.

We are very proud.

Dortmund 2018, Foto Kseniya Ressy

At the European Winner Show, our Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden
reached EX1 for the third time, became the best young dog, as well as BOB. Thus she may now carry the title European Youth Winner 2018.

We are very proud and would like to thank her breeder Marie Louise Driessens again
for this little treasure.

As well we thank the judge Mr. Michael Wirth for an unforgettable day.

Dortmund 2018, Foto Kseniya Ressy

On March 25, 2018, our Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarde was on show in Lehre
where she gained Excellent 1 in Youth Class

Dream V1, Lehre 25.03.18

and Best of Breed (judged by Harald Steinmetz (D))

Dream BOB, Lehre 25.03.2018

Finally Dream became Res. Best in Show (juged by Barry Makepeace (GB))..

Dream res. BIS, Lehre 25.03.2018

We are proud and would like to thank the judges.

At the CAC- Show in Buchholz our

Wendevick Quiet Dream at Rosegarden

could win youth class at the age of 9 months,
became Best Young Dog of Breed and reached BOS,

The crowning finale was then winning Best Young Dog in Show
on february, 2nd 2018.

We are very proud of Dream

Ch. Rosegarden Amigo Mojito

had - after a long show break -
a very successful day in Buchholz,
where he won the Champion Class
and reached BOB and BIS on february, 2nd 2018.

We are very happy and looking forward to the next shows.

Ch. Rosegarden What’s Up Sunshine, born 26.03.2008,

Actually, we wanted to win three veteran championship qualifications at the end of her show career. Now, Sunshine has been able to reach BOB and Best Veteran in Show in her two shows in the veteran class and  in Hanover in competition of nearly 50 Best of Breed she won 3rd place in FCI Group 1.

Sunshine Hannover
October 30th, 2016 IZH Hannover: Best Veteran, BOB and 3rd place of  FCI-Group 1

Sunshine Brandenburg
September 25th, 2016 CAC Brandenburg: Best Veteran, BOB

We are very proud of her and very happy that she also gave us very beautiful and successful offspring in her two litters.

August 20th/21st, 2016


Ch. Rosegarden Amigo Mojito *April 24th, 2012
(dam: Rosegarden What's up Sunshine
sire: Bayshore Avatar Tobiano)

was shown on July 20th, 2016 under Judit Korózs-Papp, and received the award of
"V1 Leipzig Winner & BOB".
On August 21st, 2016 he awarded  V1 German Winner by judge Ildikó Muzslai.

Overall, Mojito was shown 13 times by Deryn:

11x EX1
1x EX2
1x VG

Ch. Rosegarden Yamaica Fever. Foto S. Löscher

Ch. Rosegarden Yamaica Fever was able to reach BOB in Leipzig on both days. We are pleased and congratulate the Tott familyt to this great success..

January 6th, 2016

Our dogs have lots of fun in the snow

Ch. Rosegaden What's up Sunshine
Ch.Rosegarden What's up Sunshine

Flame Flame

Ch. Rosegarden Xplosive Flame
despite the cold and feels comfortable.


Mojito Mojito

Ch. Rosegarden Amigo Mojito
hops, dances and runs in the snow

A new family member, little sleep, chewed wallpapers and shoes and still only happy faces.
We are glad to have found such great people

Rosegarden Baileys Honey Bee

Rosegarden Baileys Honey Bee mit Fam. Lampe
Is happy with the Lampe family
Rosegarden Always my Sunnyboy & Rosegarden Baileys Honey Bee
and is currently educating Sunny

Rosegarden Australian Summer

AustralianSummer2015-07 Rösler
is already tearing off the wallpapers
and Lolita and Sven Rösler
are sure that they wanted to renew their wallpapers anyway gefuehle_smilie_0189

African Sunset

is happy with Beata Zywica.

Rosegarden Bay Breeze

Rosegarden Bay Breeze
has moved to theThiemann/Sturm family. There you can only see happy faces
and even Tiger the cat can not resist her charm.

Rosegarden Bitches Brew

Rosegarden Bitches Brew
Lives happy and satisfied with the Bartels-Zemke family
together with a Collie and a Border Collie.

Rosegarden Batida de Coco

Has come to school with the Hartgen family and Abby ...

Rosegarden Batida de CocoRosegarden Batida de Coco auf der Gruseltreppe
she is already learning the scary stairs

Rosegarden Batida de Coco hat ihr Seepferdchen schon gemacht ;-)
and passed her first swimming test





Langhaar-Collie-A-Wurf Border Mädchen
Our babies had a photoshooting the 8th of June

3. Welpe Boy 2
News from our collie babies...

Sunshine's babies were born May 20th, 2015
Girl #1

Girl #2

Girl #3

Girl #4

Girl #5
5 beautiful girls.

Sunshine is such a proud and good Mum.
The weights are between 444 and 400 gr.
So real "chunks" and they behave like those.
Drinking, sleeping and relaxing, drinking, sleeping and relaxing, drinking, sleeping and relaxing..

May 14th, 2015

Now our collie babies are  already two weeks old and we have some new photos.
But unfortunately no names yet for the sweethearts.

Boy #1 Boy #2

Boy #3 Girl

On April 29th, 2015 our Flame gave birth to 3 males and 1 bitch.
Flame is a proud mum, the puppies healthy and satisfied.
We - like it should be - tired and totally happy.
Here are the first photos of today

Rüde Hündin

Rüde Rüde

Flame, 16.04.2015
Even two weeks before the birth of her babies, our Flame still enjoys playing,
although her belly is already thick and round.

Sunshine enjoys the warmth of the sun.
Her belly is not so fat but she is surely pregnant.

We all look forward to the beautiful time.

We are expecting Border Collie puppies at the end of May
dam: CH Rosegarden What’s Up Sunshine; sire JCh Quimby at Real Pearl


At the beginning of May, we are expecting collie puppies
Wir hoffen Anfang Mai auf Welpen
dam CH Rosegarden Xplosive Flame (left); sire CH Jaybid Simply Heart 'N Soul (right)

This weekend, Rosegarden Yamaica Fever gained EX1 and CACIB in Offenburg.
She has thus fulfilled the conditions for the International Champion.

Flamy Flamy

Congratulations to this great success - we are very proud of Flamy.

We also want to thank Heike and Reinhard for their love and  the great home, they are giving to Flamy and Diamond.



Some new pictures of Rosegarden Zeal for Souls.

Zeal for Souls

Zeal for Souls Zeal forSouls

Our Ch. Rosegarden Xplosive Flame was mated with Ch. Jaybid Simply Heart 'N Soul.
We hope to have puppies at the beginning of May.

Eixer See, 19.10.2014
October, 19th was the last nice day and we took the chance for a walk on the Eixersee.
We could even take a break for a swim. More pictures»

Diamond, Dortmund 2014. Foto Wienroth
Rosegarden Zero Risk became
“Deutscher Bundesjugendsieger” on October 17th, 2014.

We are very happy!

Herbstspaziergänge machen bei  tollem Wetter so viel Spaß...
Autumn walks are great fun when the weather is great, too. There is so much to discover and explore.

Soul im April 2014
Rosegarden Zeal for Souls
became Best Youngster June, 8th in Magdeburg (judge Mr. T. McGowan), as well as
on August, 8th in Bremen (judge Mr. John Ritchie)
and in Leipzig at the German Winner Show on August, 23rd Best Young Dog an
 German Junior Winner 2014 (Judge Ms Ildiko Muzslai).
Thus she received the title of German Youth Champion.

German Youh Champion Rosegarden Amigo Mojito
is now confirmend German Champion Club.
He got his first qualification August 24th, 2013 (jugde A. Lubaszka)
his second October 10th, 2013 (judge H. Steinmetz)
and the third November 3rd, 2013 (judge H. Bilsheim).
He got his fourth and fifth qualification together with the title German Winner 2014 and August 24th, 2014 he became Winner Leipzig.

We are very proud and happy!

Show Highlights July, 6th


June, 22nd,  2014.

Absinth Sunset Yamaica Fever

In Magdeburg Rosegarden Always my Sunnyboy
reached EX2 in Open Class.
Congratulation dear Carola and Klaus

Our Rosegarden Zeal for Souls gained EX1 on her first show in Youth Class.
Soul, Magdeburg 2014, Foto N. Wienroth
We are very proud!

Erfurt... June, 14th. Rosegarden Zero Risk fulfilled the conditions for the title German Youth Champion.
Rosegarden Yamaica Fever won EX2.

Also in Erfurt, June, 15th Rosegarden Zero Risk won EX1 and Best Youngster.
Rosegarden Yamaica Fever won EX1, CACIB  and BOBt.
Congratulations to Heike und Reinhard.

New pictures of Rosegarden Zeal for Souls

Soul im April 2014 Soul im April 2014

Berlin... On both days, Marh 29th and 30th,  Rosegarden Zero Risk reached EX2
and on Sunday Rosegarden Yamaica Fever won EX1 and CACIB.

Zielona Gora (PL)... On March, 2nd, 2014 Rosegarden Yamaica Fever won EXI, CACIB and BOB. She became winner of the FCI-Group 1 and 4th Best in Show.
Rosegarden Yamaica Fever (Flamy), Zielona Gora 02.03.14. Foto Jasinscy

Brno (PL).. On February 22nd, 2014 Flamy won EX1, CACIB and BOB.

We are very proud with Heike and Reinhard.

Nürnberg... January 12th, 2014 Rosegarden Yamaica Fever won EX1, CACIB & BOB
Rosegarden Yamaica Fever gewinnt am 12.01.2014 in Nürnberg V1, CACIB & BOB

Rosegarden Amigo Mojito wins EX1 and BOB in Paaren/Glien, November 11th, 2013.
Rosegarden Amigo Mojito gewann am 03.11.2013 in Paaren/Glien VI und BOB


         On his first show Rosegarden Zero Risk reached VP1 in Puppy Class and became
Best Puppy in Show.

Rosegarden Yamaica Fever won EX1 in Intermediate Class with BOB and became Best in Show

          We are very proud with Heike and Reinhard.

New pictures of Rosegarden Always my Sunnyboy
Rosegarden Always my Sunnyboy, 01.11.2013Rosegarden Always my Sunnyboy, 01.11.2013Rosegarden Always my Sunnyboy, 01.11.2013

Hannover... October 10th, 2013 Rosegarden Amigo Mojito started first time in Open Class
with EX1 and RCACIB
Mojito, Hannover 27.10.2013 Mojito, Hannover 27.10.2013


Rosegarden Allways my Sunnyboy reached EX2 in Intermediate Class.
Congratulation to Carola and Klaus.

Tulln (A)... Rosegarden Yamaica Feverfulfilled the conditions for the title Austrian Youth Champio.

Shownews from Kaltenkirchen and Bad Homburg
Pebbles, Bad Homburg 2013 Sunnyboy, Kaltenkirchen 2013

Leipzig August 24th and 25th, 2013. Show News
Deutscher Jugendchampion Club Rosegarden Amigo Mojito

Dt. JCh. Club Rosegarden Amigo Mojito, Int. Leipzig 24.08.2013

Show News of  GER YCh. Club Rosegarden Amigo Mojito and Rosegarden Yamaica Fever.
Dt. JCh. Rosegarden Amigo Mojito, Bremen 2013

In Gotha, on Saturday July 13 th, 2013 Rosegarden Yamaica Fever was judged EX2 in Younth Class

In Neunkirchen, on Sunday July 14th, 2013 Rosegarden Yamaica Fever won EX1 and Best Youngster in Show.
Rosegarden Yamaica Fever erreichte am 14.07.13 in Neunkirchen V1, Bester Junghund. Foto Scheuer
Congratulation to this great success.


Rosegarden Yust a Breeze owned by the Wirth family won EX2 in Youth Class in Gotha.
Rosegarden Yust a ABreeze (Pebbles) erreichte in Gotha V2. Foto Schäfer


And last but not least...

...Rosegarden Amigo Mojito had this first show on July 14th, 2013 in Gotha.
Rosegarden Amigo Mojito: V1, Bester Border Junghund, BOB und Bester Junghund in Show
He won EX1 in Youth Class, became Best Border Youngster, BOB and Best Younster in Show.

We are so proud, words can’t say.

On July 7th, 2013 the Wykowski family took their new family member Rosegarden Zazoona Fashion home. All the best, dear Zazoo.


Our Zs with 9 weeks of age

Rosegarden Zero Risk
Rosegarde Zero Risk, 9 Wochen alt

Rosegarden Zazoona Fashion
Zazoona Fashion mit 9 WochenRosegarden Zazoona Fashion mit 9 Wochen

Rosegarden Zeal for Souls
Rosegarden Zeal For Souls mit 9 WochenRosegarden Zeal For Souls mit 9 WochenRosegarden Zeal For Souls mit 9 Wochen


V1 CAC-J für Rosegarden Yamaica Fever won EX1 CAC-J on June 15th. and June 16th in Erfurt. Thus she fulfilled the conditions for the German Youth champion.
Das Leben kann so schön sein - hier ein Foto vom Schwedenurlaub der Familie Tott.


News of our puppies
Besuch im Freßnapf...toben...und relaxen

And once again we visited the OBI-Market in Peine...
Ausflug zum OBI-Markt PeineAusflug zum OBI-Markt Peine

but it is quite nice at home and we enjoy the time without rain.
Deryn ärgern macht Spass!


Such a pity, we nearly forgot the beautiful pictures of Deryn's holiday. Ok, it wasn’s really a holiday but some days off with Mojito and Sunshine.
Sunshine und Mojikto in Sahlenburg, April  2013
Take a look at them.


New show results
Rosegarden Yamaica Fever, Peine 09.06.2013Rosegarden Always A Sunnyboy, Peine 09.06.2013Rosegarden Yust A Breeze, Bad Salzhausen

New pictures of our collie babies
Z-Wurf, 25.05.13Z-Wurf, 25.05.13


Ausstellungserfolg für Rosegarden Yust a Breeze in Tambach Dietharz


Ch. Rosegarden Heaven Sent passed away May 18th, 2013 close to her 14th birthday.
She was a wonderful dog and a good mother. She will continue to live in her children.

However, she left a big gap in Lolita’s, Sven’s and Rose’s life
We all miss her painfully.


Magdeburg May 19th, 2013: EX3 for Rosegarden Allways my Sunnyboy
Rosegarden Always my Sunnyboy, Magdeburg 19.05.2013
and EX4 for Rosegarden Yamaica Fever.

Successful show weekend May 10th./11th in Dortmund for Rosegarden Yamaica Fever
Rosegarden Yamaica Fever, Dortmund Mai 2013

On 5. May 5th. our Zs had another fotoshooting...
Rüde, 10 Tage altHündin 2, 10 Tage altHündin 1, 10 Tage alt


April 25th, 2013 We have puppies.

25.04.2013 Wir haben Welpen!

April 14th, 2013 Flame today... There are only a few days until the birth of her babies...
Flame, 14.04.2013Flame, 14.04.2013Flame, 14.04.2013

Hooray, it’s spring again. April 14th, 2013 Mojito again began practicing Agility...
Mojito, 14.04.2013Mojito, 14.04.2013Mojito, 14.04.2013

...and for Carola and Sunny the winter break ended, too...
Sunny, 14.04.2013Sunny, 14.04.2013


February 20th and 21st our Rosegarden Xplosive Flame was mated with
Heaven can wait vom Haus Rosenpracht.

We are very excited and hope to have such a gorgeous litter as last year. Our babies form the litter Y developed very well,  are confident, lovely, sometimes naughty and just beautiful.
So please keep your fingers cross!


Bester Junghund am 16.02.13 auf der CACIB Hoogstraten (B)Bester Junghund am 16.02.13 auf der CACIB Hoogstraten (B)
Rosegarden Absinth Sunset (Lica) won Youth Class on her first show in Hoogstraten and became Best Youngster.


Yoin Yersery (Magic), 10. Febr. 2013Yoin Yersery (Magic), 10. Febr. 2013Yoin Yersery (Magic), 10. Febr. 2013
February 10th, 2013: A big tank you the Free family for the nice picture of Rosegarden Yoin Jersey, called Magic.
We think, she has developed nicelyt.


New pictures of Rosegarden African Summer (Rosi)

Mojito, 8 Monate altStyle beim Sprung über die Hürde2013-01-06Sunnyboy_135042
New pictures of Mojito, Style and Sunnyboy


Rosegarden Yust a Breeze (Pebbles)
A little Christmas feeling with Rosegarden Yust a Breeze (Pebbles). Foto C. Wirth


Yamaica Fever, CACIB Kassel 2012
CACIB Kassel, December 9th, 2012: Rosegarden Yamaica Fever could win VP1
Style, CACIB Kassel 2012
Rosegarden Walkin' in Style EX2 and RCACIB.

We are very proud of them.


Style, Nationale Kassel 2012
Kassel, December 8th, 2012: Rosegarden Walkin' in Style won EX1, CAC VDH- ChA and BOB.
Thus he fulfilled the conditions for the title German Champion VDH.
Congrats to Anja, Jürgen, Annika and Tom


November 26th, 2012:  Again some additions to our photo gallery “Little puppies grow up” .


November 15th, 2012: Some additions to our photo gallery “Little puppies grow up”. And also Border Collie puppies grow up.


October 31st, 2012: Tribute to Bronson


October 24th, 2012: Little puppies grow up.


August 14th, 2012: All the babies moved to their new homes.
Here are some pictures of their last trips with us.


August 7th, 2012: Some more pictures of our puppies.


August 6th/4th and July 30th, 2012: More pictures in the puppies gallery.


Absinth Sunset
Our little princess. Some new pictures of  Rosegarden Absinth Sunset.


Besuch von Sunnyboy
Sunday, Sunset was visited by Sunnyboy.


Rüde 1
July 2nd, 2012: News from our  Y-Babies


Rüde3-24-06-2012 14.40.57Rüde1-24-06-2012 14.37.59

June 24th, 2012: Nw pictures of our Collie puppies


Ok, our puppies are now 8 weeks of age and we didn’t took new pictures of a long time, because  we have a litter of Rough Collies, too and all of them need our full attention.

Rosegarden Absinth Sunset

Our border pups are gorgeous. Around the 8th week there is a lot to do: vaccination on June 18th, examination of the eyes a day later and on June 20th control by the club. The puppies did very well and the results of the eye examintion were good, too.

There will be new pictures of our Rough Collie babies soon.


Rüde #3
Since June 8th  we have rough collie babies.


Wieder so ein tolles, sonniges Wochenende, an dem alle frei hatten.

May 31st, 2012 Another sunny weekend
Pictures, taken May 26th


Welpen Sunny x Tobi, Foto Carola Lampe 19.05.2012
May 21st, 2012: Our Border puppies this weekend. Pictures by Carola Lampe.


Zu den Bildern vom 14./15.05.Zu den Bildern vom 14./15.05.
May 14th and 15th 2012: New pictures of our Border Collie puppies.


Schauen sie einfach mal auf die neuen Fotos vom 06.05./07.05.2012.

Sunshine's puppies are already 12 days of age.. Sunshine’s still a perfect mum.t weiterhin topp als Mama. Yesterday, today and tomorrow they are getting their first worm cure. We are totally enjoying this litter.

Have a look at our  new pictures taken May 6th/7th, 2012.


Pictures of Sunshine’s puppies, taken April 29th, 2012


Pictures of Sunshine’s puppies, taken April 24th./26th.


We have puppies!
Sunshine mit ihren BabiesVater Bayshore Avatar Tobiano
April 24th, 2012 Sunshine gave birth to 2 dogs and 2 bitches,
she is a great mum and we are very proud.


Heaven can Wait vom Haus RosenprachtRosegarden Xplosive Flame
  April 7th,  2012: Ch. Rosegarden Xplosive Flame was mated to GER YCh. Heaven can Wait vom Haus Rosenpracht. So we hope to have Rough Collies puppies in June after a long time.


March 2012:
Dt. Ch-J. Rosegarden What's up SunshineBayshore Avataor Tobiano
Sunshine was mated with Bayshore Avatar Tobiano
We hope to have puppies around April 25th,, 2012



January 2012: Flame is now confirmed VDH-Champion.


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