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About Us

We are an animal loving family through and through. Early in 1980 we protected the kennel name “Rosegarden” in the Club for British Sheepdogs e.V., in which we are members since 1977. Our first litter of Collies was carefully planned and born in 1982, after we had long considered the idea of ​​breeding them as a hobby.

Peter has had a collie since he was a child and to this day his heart belongs to Rough Collies. Birgit also lost her heart to this wonderful breed and was primarily the one who woud like starting a hobby breed in 1980. Our daughter Deryn was born into the Rosegarden breed in 1988 and grew up with the dogs, raising puppies and doing shows. She is the co-owner of our hobby kennel since 2006.

In 1996 we moved from Cramme to Peine, where we were able to pursue our love of animals more intensively on an almost 1.5 hectare property, and in addition to plumage, sheep and horses, a Border Collie also came to us in 2000 and in 2004 we raised our first Border Collie litter. Deryn developed more ambitions for dog sports such as agility, frisbee and most of all for dog dancing and of course favors the Border Collies.

We had our last Collie litter in 2015 and ended collie breeding with a successful era. When it comes to Border Collie breeding, the motto has always been quality over quantity. Loving puppy rearing and shaping within the family and household is a of course a matter for us. Just like the careful selection of breeding dogs, but also of our puppy buyers.

In 2019, same time as our little Tom a small Welsh Corgi Pembroke bitch came into our family. Maybe he will be the 3rd generation of breeders in our family. In 2021 we raised our first Pembroke litter.

For us, the focus is on health and character traits in harmony with the standard-compliant appearance. Each of our dogs is a fully integrated family member. However, we also make the same demands on our puppy buyers.