Border E-litter 2022 - Rosegarden Kennel

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breeding since 1982 of
- Rough Collies (until 2015)
- Border Collies
- Welsh Corgis Pembroke

Birgit & Deryn Fricke
Horstweg 44
31228 Peine
Phone +49 (0) 517 25551

Border Collie Litter E, 2022. All puppies from this litter have found new homes.
June 12, 2022: We have Border Collie puppies!

Lux. Ch. Nothing Compares to Wendevick of Vipers Pride

Wendevick Jason
Ch. Bayshore Avatar Tobiano
Wendevick Gossip
Ch. Imani of Vipers Pride
Jessomine Showi Ozskite
Ch. Fidgy of Wendevick Home
Dt. JCh. Rosegarden
Coconut Daiquiri

Ch.  Rosegarden Amigo Mojito
Ch. Bayshore Avatar Tobiano
Ch. Rosegarden What’s Up Sunshine
Ch. Wendevick Quiet Dream
at Rosegarden
Wendevick Jason
Wendevick Janefonda

July 10, 2022: Today 4 weeks old.

Upper series the 4 boys, lower series the 3 girls

July 20, 2022: Time flies so fast, the babies are now already 5 weeks and they develop beautifully.

We are very excited about the 7 babies and Quiri is doing a super job. She is so loving with her children.

July 24, 2022 - The puppies are by now 6 weeks old.

and we have already practiced standing on the table.
after that the playground was next

August 11, 2022 - Now they are 8 weeks old and the first ones have moved to their new families.

August 22, 2022: We are happy that all our puppies have moved into their new homes

and wish the new families a lot of joy with the little ones.

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